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Hadoop Upgrade

2015-07-06 @ Hadoop, Software


wget --no-parent -r


On Namenode Primary

sudo -u hdfs hdfs dfsadmin -safemode enter
sudo -u hdfs hdfs dfsadmin -saveNamespace

Save Meta Data

cd /mnt1/dfs/nn/
sudo tar cfvz /root/mnt1-nn.tar.gz .
cd /mnt/dfs/nn
sudo tar cfvz /root/mnt-nn.tar.gz .

Turn off Services

/etc/init.d/hadoop-hdfs-namenode stop
/etc/init.d/hadoop-hdfs-zkfc stop
/etc/init.d/hadoop-yarn-resourcemanager stop

Stop Journal, History and Zookeeper Cluster

for x in /etc/init.d/hadoop-* ; do sudo service $x stop ; done
/etc/init.d/hadoop-hdfs-journalnode stop
/etc/init.d/hadoop-mapreduce-historyserver start

Stop Datanodes

for x in ip-10-4-{3,4}-{11..13}; do ssh $x "sudo /etc/init.d/hadoop-hdfs-datanode stop" ; done


Using puppet

     apt::source { "cloudera":
     location          => $repository,
-    release           => "precise-cdh5.0.1",
+    release           => "precise-cdh5.4.3",
     repos             => "contrib",
     include_src       => false,
     require           => Apt::Key['cloudera'],

Alternatives to change back to normal Hadoop Configuration

sudo update-alternatives --install /etc/hadoop/conf hadoop-conf /etc/hadoop/conf.noqqe/ 100
for x in /etc/init.d/hadoop-* ; do sudo $x restart; done


apt-get install avro-libs bigtop-jsvc bigtop-utils flume-ng hadoop hadoop-hdfs hadoop-hdfs-namenode hadoop-hdfs-zkfc hadoop-mapreduce hadoop-yarn hadoop-yarn-resourcemanager parquet parquet-format zookeeper


apt-get install hadoop-hdfs-datanode

Job, Journal and History Server

apt-get install hadoop-hdfs-journalnode zookeeper zookeeper-server


apt-get install bigtop-utils avro-libs bigtop-jsvc parquet-format parquet

Also useful

 puppet agent -t ; aptitude install hadoop-hdfs-datanode hadoop-yarn-nodemanager hadoop-mapreduce ; puppet agent -t

Upgrade Namenode ACTIVE (with running history and journal server)

sudo service hadoop-hdfs-namenode upgrade

Upgrade Namenode STANDBY (with running history and journal server)

sudo -u hdfs hdfs namenode -bootstrapStandby

Turn Safemode off

sudo -u hdfs hdfs dfsadmin -safemode leave


$  hdfs haadmin -getServiceState nn2
$  hdfs haadmin -getServiceState nn1

After Works

After a few weeks

sudo -u hdfs hdfs dfsadmin -finalizeUpgrade
Finalize upgrade successful for
Finalize upgrade successful for