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2015-08-20 @ NixOS, OS

System Commands

Um das System zu verändern

vim /etc/nixos/configuration.nix
nixos-rebuild switch

Die Konfiguration erstmal testen

nixos-rebuild test

Einen Rollback zur letzten Version machen

nixos-rebuild switch --rollback

Nix Paket Manager

Nach einem Paket suchen

nix-env -qa | grep firefox

Pakete anzeigen und Status anzeigen lassen

nix-env -qas

Paket installieren

nix-env -i firefox

Ein Paket entfernen

nix-env -e firefox

Channel updaten

nix-channel --update nixpkgs

Upgrade aller Pakete machen

nix-env -u '*'
nix-env -u
## oder dry run
nix-env -u --dry-run

Aktion von nix-env rückgängig machen

nix-env --rollback

Alte unbenutzte Pakete aufräumen um Platz zu sparen

nix-env --delete-generations old
nix-collect-garbage -d
nix-store --gc --print-dead

Module Development

noqqe | i can also use a local nixpkgs repo for testing module changes, right? noqqe | in wiki there is only described i can use that for package development kmicu | You can use a local nixpkgs or import a local module definition. noqqe | are there docs on that somewhere? im struggling getting that working kmicu | Almost always manual has a better info than wiki noqqe | mh, when i do “nixos-rebuild -I /path/to/git/repo switch –upgrade” it does not apply the changes.. am i holding it wrong? kmicu | You don’t need to use ‘–upgrade’; that flag is for a channel update. kmicu | It’s hard to say why you cannot see changes w/o any details. kmicu | Maybe module is not enabled? Maybe is not registered in module-list.nix… etc. noqqe | okay. in work on the mlmmj module, because it needs some love. so i checked out the repo from master, edited | and did the comannd from above noqqe | i did nothing more noqqe | to test, i added a “touch /tmp/foobar” to the activation scripts, to see if it works kmicu | Ahh ‘-I nixpkgs=/path/to/your/fork’ and you should not use master. kmicu | (Unless you want to build a lot of things ;) noqqe | mh i dont want to build pkgs.. :( i just want to edit modules and test them before i make a pull request kmicu | So checkout your current nixpkgs revision noqqe | ah, f*ck. well, right. – | Notice(NixOS_GitHub): [nixpkgs] edolstra pushed 7 new commits to release-15.09: – | Notice(NixOS_GitHub): nixpkgs/release-15.09 469b79b Eelco Dolstra: Remove openjdk namespace pollution… – | Notice(NixOS_GitHub): nixpkgs/release-15.09 7def439 Eelco Dolstra: Remove upower-old… – | Notice(NixOS_GitHub): nixpkgs/release-15.09 361d6cf Eelco Dolstra: upower: Remove unused dependencies… noqqe | kmicu: that works..thank you a lot kmicu | You could add your external module definition to ‘imports = [ … /my/module.nix … ]’ in configuration.nix. You don’t need to use fork, but if you | want to contribute back then use fork, checkout channel revision, test with ‘-I nixpkgs=/path/to/fork’, more at |

Secure Passwords in configuration.nix

{ pkgs, ... }:

  passwords = import ./passwords.nix;
{ = let
    snmpconfig = pkgs.writeTextFile {
      name = "snmpd.conf";
      text = ''
        rocommunity ${passwords.snmp}
        disk / 10000
  in {
    description = "net-snmp daemon";
    wantedBy = [ "" ];
    serviceConfig = {
      ExecStart = "${pkgs.net_snmp}/bin/snmpd -f -c ${snmpconfig}";
      KillMode = "process";
      Restart = "always";