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Georg on 2013-10-29T21:02:59
Jetzt noch eine Anbindung an ifttt bitte, damit ich absichtlich bei anderen Cloud-Diensten abgelegte Dateien unabsichtlich löschen kann, und ich bin dabei! ;)

Chris Travers on 2013-10-30T01:11:56
Hi. I tried to email you over this but is apparently not working. I found a bug in your setup. I figure it's probably well known so I will just report it here. I wanted to let you know that the sample code yields a 404 error, that is not found. My recommendation is that you create a simple FCGI script to simply return an HTTP 202 ACCPETED code. In general it looks bad if your demo returns a file not found. Best of luck on your new venture. Might I suggest however that /dev/zero as a service might be the next big thing? /dev/random might have limited applicability. With /dev/zero, on the other hand, it would make it easier to say erase hard drives by piping the output of wget onto your hard drive. And moreover, you'd be able to likely charge quite a bit more for the same number of customers, since you'd need to charge to cover your bandwidth.

noqqe on 2013-10-30T05:10:57
I think you got a typo in there - you wrote "denull" :) I tried once again and with the correct url it works fine :) Thanks for your wishes :)

exceptionznet on 2013-10-30T18:28:51
Wie wäre es, eine Gruppe an Projekten in die Unterstützerliste der DNAAS mit aufzunehmen. Exceptionz Project wäre da gerne mit dabei :). (So im Sinne von "Investoren", "Partner" etc. bei SAAS-Plattformen)...

A concerned customer on 2013-10-31T12:34:08
The service seems great! I have a question. I usually run out of RAM , but I don't want to buy more sticks. Also, I don't want to waste space on my precious disks to store the pages that don't fit anymore. Could you offer swap as a service? thanks!