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2013-09-25 @ Software, gpg


This applies only to gpg version 1


gpg -c lala.tar.gz


gpg --output lulu.tar.gz --decrypt lala.tar.gz.gpg

encrypt with mail address as identifier

gpg --encrypt --recipient '' foo.txt

get key from keyserver

gpg --search-keys ''

search keys locally

gpg --list-keys user

update all keys

gpg --refresh-keys

delete keys

gpg --delete-keys

Key Regeneration

  • fuer entropy sorgen.
  • backup vom alten zeug machen
  • havedge installieren

    aptitude install havedge
  • neuen key generieren

    gpg --gen-key
  • signaturen updaten

    gpg --list-secret-keys
  • neuen key mit altem key signieren um signaturen zu behalten

    gpg --default-key D2C909A2 --sign-key CDA4B775
  • alten key revoken

    gpg --gen-revoke D2C909A2
    gpg --import revoke.txt
    sec  2048R/D2C909A2 2010-06-25 Florian Baumann <>
    Create a revocation certificate for this key? (y/N) y
    Please select the reason for the revocation:
      0 = No reason specified
      1 = Key has been compromised
      2 = Key is superseded
      3 = Key is no longer used
      Q = Cancel
    (Probably you want to select 1 here)
    Your decision? 2
    Enter an optional description; end it with an empty line:
    > replaced by CDA4B775
    Reason for revocation: Key is superseded
    replaced by CDA4B775
    Is this okay? (y/N) y
    You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for
    user: "Florian Baumann <>"
    2048-bit RSA key, ID D2C909A2, created 2010-06-25
    ASCII armored output forced.
    Revocation certificate created.
    Please move it to a medium which you can hide away; if Mallory gets
    access to this certificate he can use it to make your key unusable.
    It is smart to print this certificate and store it away, just in case
    your media become unreadable.  But have some caution:  The print system of
    your machine might store the data and make it available to others!
  • alten key auf keyserver laden

    gpg --list-key oldkeyid
    gpg --send-keys oldkeyid
  • neuen key auf keyserver laden

    gpg --list-key newkeyid
    gpg --send-keys newkeyid
  • neue pdfs fuer handout generieren

    aptitude install signing-party ghostscript
    gpg-key2ps -p a4 CDA4B775 >