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2012-11-04 @ OpenBSD, OS, pf

To enable basic pf on OpenBSD

## /etc/rc.conf.local


Clean pf - deletes all rules

/usr/local/bin/sudo /sbin/pfctl -d

Parse but do not load it

sudo pfctl -nf /etc/pf.conf

Show Content of a table :

pfctl -t $tablename -T show

Show Details for a table

pfctl -vvsTables [$tablename]

Add IP to Table

pfctl -t spammers -T add

pf show

pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf     Load the pf.conf file
pfctl -nf /etc/pf.conf    Parse the file, but don't load it
pfctl -sr                 Show the current ruleset
pfctl -ss                 Show the current state table
pfctl -si                 Show filter stats and counters
pfctl -sa                 Show EVERYTHING it can show

pf labels (static)

show labels

pfctl -sl

implement labels in pf.conf

pass in on $extif proto tcp from any to any port 9 label discard

pf labels (dynamic)

at some point, static labeling is not enough

## Allow outgoing
pass out on $extif proto tcp to any port $tcpout label "tcp:out:$dstport"
pass out on $extif proto udp to any port $udpout label "udp:out:$dstport"

## Incoming rule
pass in on $extif proto tcp from any to any port $tcpin label "tcp:in:$dstport"
pass in on $extif proto udp from any to any port $udpin label "udp:in:$dstport"

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